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Currently I am overbooked and can’t take new clients. If you can leave a message and details of your dog on below mobile number, I will contact you when slots are available.
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We have a wide range of services from routine care to full groom breed specific styling. We love looking after dogs and we ensure that their wash and groom is a fun & stress free experience.

Professionally trained in...

  • Breed Specific Clip
  • Short & Fluffy Clip
  • Body Contour Clip
  • De-matting & De-shedding
  • Shower & Blow Dry
  • Ears, Nails & Paws
  • Glands Expression
  • Medicated shampoo wash for itchy skins

Shower & Blow dry

If you are busy with your daily routines and your pet is not able to get the required time to be looked after, we are here to help you.

Your pet will enjoy a lukewarm fresh-water bath with premium shampoo to remove dirt from the coat and a gentle relaxing massage all over the body, legs and face to be stress free.

This is followed by a hand blow dry to remove loose moulting hair from the coat which leaves your pet with a fresh look and amazing smell. This is ideal for short coated breeds or as a maintenance in between full groom sessions for long coated breeds

Body Contour Clip

This low maintenance clipping style is popular with many Clients. It is an easy to care trim as well as minimises the amount of dirt the pet brings into home. This clip can be done very close to skin leaving from 2 to 6mm of hair to the needs of Clients.

This clip includes trimming of nails, under pads and pluck hair from ears. After Shower and Blow Dry, we will trim and tidy up the face, tail and sanitary area.

Short & Fluffy / Breed Style Clip

This style is for the Clients who love to see their pets with fur on them to look chubby and cuddly.

The choice of short & fluffy or breed specific style depends on the breed of your pet and we are here to help you to choose the best.

It starts with de-matting / de-shedding, dressing pads, nails, clean ears followed by Shower & Blow Dry. Then we do a fluffy / breed specific style or clipping to your needs and your pet looks just the way you like... clean, sleek and adorable.

This clip is recommended for every 6 to 8 weeks for a tangle free, healthy coat and a happy stress free pet...... A Jolly Paws.

For Puppies

We believe that all puppies should be introduced to the grooming gradually and should be given the opportunity to enjoy the experience.

The earlier your puppy has a professional groom the sooner they will become comfortable with the process and remain calm and relaxed. We offer puppy introductory service which will help to set them up for a successful future of grooming visits.

Special shampoos are used for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies and all dogs are dried with a high velocity air dryer which leaves dogs with a soft and shiny coat. We work to your needs to ensure your pet looks just the way you like.